Monday, April 20, 2009

I See a River! -- Urinetown

I seem to pick up the odd jobs in the costume shop (make a 3 foot doll with a photo of my face on it! Take a wig with a 1950's updo and make it look like half the head has been shaved! Sew a dress with nearly 100 feet of ruffles!) but this show pretty much wins at crazy. In the last month or so, I have:
- made bloody body parts compete with gnaw marks
- made a recreation of a costume dress, then bloodied and shredded it
- beat costumes with rocks
- added blood stains on a shirt to mimic the look of someone who fell 30 feet into a gravel pit
- attacked costumes with straight razors, scissors, steak knives, and a litany of other sharp things
- dyed a whole bunch of fabric to get it juuuuust the right colour
- splashed bleach on lots of costumes
- kicked a rock wall while wearing costume shoes to distress them
- rolled down a hill in a costume, again to distress
- cut the toe off a shoe

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