Monday, October 18, 2010

Time Compressed Pt 1

The last five days have gone on FOREVER. "Whirlwind" doesn't even begin to cover it. Here's the basics starting Wednesday, as that's when the crazy took off.

Wednesday, October 13, hidden behind a wackily formated link to

7:30am- Work! Prepare to spend the day making lists, coding links, and generally loving the library world while daydreaming of Chicago. Current plans have me leaving for a happy fun tiemz visit with a friend in Chicago around noon on Thursday the 14th. I'm mildly stressed about coordinating public transit and generally getting around a city I don't know at all. Only mildly, mind you. Mostly I'm just SUPER EXCITED!!
[Skipping the morning, as it was only filled with library and Chicago related musings.]
1:35pm- Check email. See an email from the Folger Theatre informing me that they're in need of wardrobe help on their current show and would I be interested.
1:36pm- Flail in place. Bounce down the hall to flail at Mum, too.
1:40pm- Dash off a reply explaining that I'll be in Chicago the coming week but and totes interested in the job, as long as they can give me housing. Bounce off to Target.
3pm- Return from Target to discover an email explaining that they're desperate for people and oh yes, they went into previews YESTERDAY. They have feelers out to other people too, but if I'm the only one available, they'll take what they can get.
3:15pm- Begin increasingly fast-paced email exchange regarding job specifics, housing, dates, and they like. Keep Mum updated on Folger-related dealing. Begin daydreaming of the job. Continue attempting to do library-related work too.
3:45pm- Realize that I need to think about canceling/postponing Chicago. Look at flight info to see about going from Chicago to DC, or moving Chicago flights, or something. Anything!
3:49pm- Mention possibility of this to Folger People.
3:51pm- Leave awful voicemail then send follow up, less heart-attack inducing text to Chicago Friend (who I know is in class) requesting she call ASAP.
3:53pm- Folger responds positively.
3:54pm- Spend agonizing minutes banging head on desk and pointedly not tearing up while trying to decide between Chicago Friend and Folger. Decide that I don't like having to make this decision.
3:57pm- Talk to Chicago Friend, who thankfully doesn't disown me on the spot and tells me what I already know: take the job.
4:10pm- Furiously check flights to make sure I could get up to DC on Thursday without having to pay an arm and a leg. Feel a churning mix of excitement and misery.
4:40pm- Update Folger on flight data. Attempt to catch breath. Fail.
5:15pm- Get The Call from Folger.
5:16pm- FLAIL (silently, as I'm still on the phone).
5:55pm- Arrive home, frantically purchase airfare to DC, deciding that an earlier flight is ultimately better.
6:30pm- INHALE dinner.
7:10pm- Attempt to pack for a month+. Fail quietly. Am rescued by the helpfulness of various family members.
8:30pm- Remember that I should check in and print my boarding pass as I'll be on a plane in LESS THAN 12 HOURS. Do so.
10:45pm- Finish packing. Hope I haven't forgotten anything. Get in bed. Take some deep breaths.
11:30pm- Still not asleep. Get up to make a couple notes on things I still need to grab. Take some deep breaths.
11:55pm- Still not asleep. Take some deep breaths.
Midnightish- Finally asleep.

AND THAT WAS ONLY WEDNESDAY. Thursday happens in the next post.

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