Monday, October 18, 2010

Time Compressed Pt 2

The insanity isn't over yet! Thursday had just as much crazyness to offer, though with decidedly less email marathoning.

Thursday, October 14, also hidden behind a wackily formated link to

OhGod:Thirty 3:45am- Wake up. Haul self out of bed EXTREMELY RELUCTANTLY. Kiss the dog, then send her back to be as it is SO not time to get up yet.
4:30am- Leave for airport. Marvel at how IT'S NOT EVEN FALSE DAWN YET.
5:01am- Arrive at airport. Attempt to check bag with wrong airline. Am too asleep to be embarrassed.
5:07am- Successfully check bag.
5:20am- Stumble through security. Manage not to make a fool of self again.
6:35am- Plane takes off!
7:10am- Decide sunrise from above the clouds miiiiiight make up for the awful wakeup hour.
7:30am- Chitchat with man next to me, who inquires about the show I'm going to work.
7:30am- Realize I don't actually know. "It's one of the Henrys" I say vaguely. There is handwaving. Henry VIII maybe? That sounds right.
8:35am- In Atlanta! Giggle at having to go south in order to go north, then read and listen to lots of podcasts to kill time.
10:45am- In the air again! More books and podcasts. Now with added cookies and ginger ale!
12:10pm- Land in DC. Wander through airport, eventually finding metro.
12:12pm- Wait for metro, wondering if the last month has been a dream and I never really left DC.
1:25pm- Arrive at Capitol South metro stop. Find Folger contact, who gives me a ride to the office as it is POURING rain and I am hauling a month's worth of clothes and a computer.
1:35pm- Paperwork! Turns out I was right. Henry VIII indeed!
1:45pm- Drop things in room, wander around corner to find a bite to eat.
2:30pm- Go to rehearsal! Meet crew and cast. Discover that being introduced separately to 8 men with beards and Tudor costumes IN THE DARK = I have no idea who is who. Hope for the best.
5:00pm- Rehearsal is over! Grab dinner with techies.
6:00pm- Call for evening preview.
7:30pm- It's showtime! Stumble through show and do moderately well.
8:35pm- Join conversation about Opening Night To Do and realize that I have no fancy wear. Make mental note Find a Dress For Wearing.
11:35pm- Finish up with laundry and lock up, stumble back to room. Contemplate unpacking strategy on the walk back.

Life has slowed down a bit in the intervening days. I now know what city I'm in, what time it is, the date, and a host of other perfectly normal information that was lost to me mid-week. I have acquired groceries, a dress, a bloody nose (thank you, exceptionally dry air), a solid night's sleep, and a regular dose of that implacable show adrenaline.

To the world I say: Let's Make Things!


Anonymous said...

You should always avoid men with beards in the dark... trust me on this.

Alina said...

That is mildly problematic, given my proclivities for working period shows and Shakespeare shows.

Though if we're talking men whose beards only exist in the dark, well that's just terrifying.